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I’ve created some awesome products to help you along your journey to enhanced self-care.  Browse below!

Non-Toxic Skin Care 

Did you know that whatever you apply to your skin is quickly absorbed into your blood stream?  Personal care products created with harmful chemicals can adversely affect your health.  Clenapure products are lovingly crafted with plant-based goodness to nurture and nourish your your body’s largest organ….your skin.


Not only does it smell amazing but it gently exfoliated my skin without ever making it red (that rarely ever happens) and left my skin so soft even after I have lathered with soap and shaved afterwards.  Amazing product.

Morgan F

It’s True!…when I apply this oil after a shower, there isn’t water and oil sitting on my skin.  The water is in my skin to the extent that I don’t require a towel to dry off.  Thank you so much for introducing me to the right oil.
Signed, Former Baby Oil User


I absolutely love this product!  It has helped renew my skin like no other.  So many cool ingredients in here smile Also has a good and unique scent that I love.  This will be my new go-to (lotion). smile

Jessica P.


Imagine life with less stress.

You spend a great amount of your waking hours in a workplace setting.  Learn powerful ways to quell stress in the workplace…and in your personal life in general.  


This course is repeatable.  I feel like it is a resource that I will go back to as needed to refresh or remind myself how to keep my days peaceful and productive.  It was informative.  I learned a lot of easy and helpful tools to release stress during my work day.

M Robinson

I liked the way that Edwina went in-depth with each training module about relieving stress.  She gives clear, practical solutions followed by several examples of how the solution can be applied in my life. 

F McKinney

This course incorporated helpful tips on mind, body and soul.  I really loved the introduction that everythig begins with the mind and how we think and what we think.  The affirmations are excellent and I am using them as part of my daily routine.

P Keith



There’s only one YOU.  When you take better care of yourself, you can face each day with more hope.  My Stress Relief Coloring Book is chocked full of soothing images for you to color and help you relieve tension at the end of each day.

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