Autumn has truly settled in, bringing with it a consistent drop in temperatures and the beautiful transformation of leaves into a rich canvas of colors.  It’s that time of year when we can finally don those warm sweaters and stylish boots!


For me, fall brings an extra layer of coziness to my home.  It’s when I make a special effort to infuse my living space with scents and decorations that turn it into a haven of comfort, akin to the Scandinavian concept of “Hygge”.  Hygge is all about creating a deeply comfortable home. 


As you step inside from the brisk outdoors and feel the warm, soothing air against your skin, it’s as though your home is whispering, “Welcome back, unwind and settle in!”  At least that’s the feeling I get. 


Of all the rooms in my house, I particularly enjoy transforming my bedroom into a sanctuary of relaxation.  Why, you may ask?  Well, statistics tell us that we spend about 1/3 of our lives asleep (and good health demands proper rest, right?)  (1) So, naturally I want my bedroom to exude an atmosphere of comfort that paves the way for a restful night’s sleep.


Here, I provide a few tips on how you can also embrace the cozy elements of fall to make your bedroom more comfortable.


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To start setting up your perfect sleep sanctuary, make sure your room is dark and promotes relaxation. You don’t want your room to be too bright or have gadgets on all night that cause light disturbances while you are sleeping.


You can invest in a beautiful, earth toned pair of draperies. Think about how you feel in the fall when you are in a cozy room. Incorporating warm fall colors such as orange, red, or beige will add to the pleasant aesthetic of your space.


If you already have blinds adorning your bedroom windows, you can easily elevate the ambiance for the fall and winter by adding a curtain rod above the blinds.  Then, drape your beautiful curtains over them to infuse your bedroom with both color and tranquility.


This is something many people don’t consider when it comes to various distractions at night. Even in a perfectly dark and serene room, small pockets of light can disrupt your rest.


This could be little lights from your laptop charging next to you on the nightstand, the glow from your cellphone every time you get a notification, or the illumination from a cable box placed in your line of sight.


It is a good idea to disconnect any device or appliance that might be interfering with your sleep.


Simply turn your cell phone face-down so the light doesn’t disturb you, and contemplate rearranging your other electronic devices, such as the alarm clock, to prevent their glow from disturbing your slumber.


Reading is a great activity to do at night before bed vs. watching TV or scrolling through your cell phone. It is relaxing and gets you into a calmer state of mind just before bed.


However, reading requires a good amount of light, which might stimulate you instead of helping you to fall asleep.


Instead of flooding your entire bedroom with the light from your ceiling fan or the decorative lamp on your nightstand, use a small reading lamp, which is a little softer and is only bright enough for you to read without straining your eyes.


This suggestion will help to prevent sending your senses into overdrive when you should be winding down to go to sleep.


The advantages of maintaining a clutter-free home are frequently underestimated. 


Attempting to drift off to a sleep in a disorganized bedroom, strewn with clothes, shoes, and other belongings, can disrupt your brain’s ability to relax. 


On the contrary, a tidy, decluttered bedroom can contribute to stress reduction in your body.  It can also result in waking up in a more positive, relaxed mood.


Take the time to neatly organize your clothes and shoes in your closet.  Place your jewelry in a beautiful jewelry chest.


Remove all items that clutter your nightstand (unless you really need them next to your bed at night). 


Regardless, here are some pretty organizing bins you can use to help transform your bedroom and closet into an aesthetically-pleasing abode.


When selecting bedding, seek out materials that provide a soft and luxurious sensation against your skin.


This choice can significantly enhance the quality of your sleep, as comfortable bedding promotes relaxation, coziness and a genuine appreciation for your time spent in your bed.


Purchase a set of sheets that breathe well and feel soft to the touch.  You can choose from a wide range of beautiful fall colors to make your bedroom color palette more appealing.

Likewise, if your pillows don’t properly support your neck, you might try switching up to find the pillow that provides you the most support and comfort.


If your pillows are too soft and flat, you may want to switch to a thicker pillow.  On the contrary, if you have been using a firm pillow, try a softer pillow.


Finding the right, comfortable pillow is certainly a matter of personal choice and might take a little experimenting to see what pillow provides you the most comfort.


If your mattress is old and no longer providing the foundation for a good night’s sleep that it once gave, it’s probably time for a new mattress.


However, mattresses can get expensive!  So don’t feel like you need to replace your entire mattress just because you aren’t getting good sleep.


I purchased a memory-foam-style mattress TOPPER and placed it on top of my current mattress.


My new mattress topper has greatly increased the comfort level and quality of sleep that I now experience!  Talk about increasing the comfy factor!


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Once you have removed all tangible items that robbed you of a clean, organized sleep oasis, it’s time to consider other habits that may negatively impact your ability to get a good night’s sleep.


WORKING IN YOUR BEDROOM – If you work from home, try to have a dedicated workspace other than your bedroom.


If space constraints necessitate you working in your bedroom, try setting up your work space on a small computer desk instead of working in your bed.  


Associating your bed with a place of peaceful rest, rather than a place of work, can help your mind to differentiate the two and successfully wind down and get a good night’s sleep.



KEEPING YOUR CELLPHONE CLOSE BY – You’re likely aware that using your phone just before bedtime or leaving it in your bed during sleep is not advisable. 


However, even having the vibrating ringer on or keeping it near your bed can disrupt your healthy sleep patterns. 


This may tempt you to check it whenever you wake up, subsequently leading to social media browsing, email reading, and becoming easily distracted from your peaceful night’s sleep.


Below is a list of the natural sleep aid options that work for me. 


In full disclosure, I am not a doctor or mental health professional, but I have discovered that these three natural remedies have been effective in assisting me with getting a good night’s sleep. So, these are merely suggestions. 


As always, please consult with your health care professional when considering the addition of any supplements to your health regimen.


The initial natural sleep remedy to contemplate is melatonin.  It’s a hormone naturally generated by your body when night falls, signaling your body that bedtime is approaching. 


As a result of melatonin production or taking a melatonin supplement, you might naturally begin to yawn and stretch in preparation for a restful night’s sleep. (2)


You can also try adding a magnesium supplement to your daily routine. If you are not getting enough magnesium through natural food sources, you might notice a decline in your quality of sleep.  (3)


If you are a fan of herbs, there are a few that can help you get better sleep. Some effective herbs to try are lavender, valerian, and chamomile (4).


I especially notice that drinking chamomile tea helps me get the most restful night’s sleep.  However, again, consult with your medical professional before adding any supplements to your health routine.


Overall, just the thought of incorporating even one or two of the tips I shared above can cause your mind to drift off into a state of peacefulness. 


Assimilating fall hygge into your bedroom can transform it into a cozy sanctuary that perfectly captures the warmth and comfort of the season. 


By adding elements like warm, rich-colored textiles, soft lighting, and natural textures, you will create an inviting atmosphere. 


It appeals to the senses and fosters a sense of well-being and relaxation, making your bedroom an ideal retreat for the fall season. 


Hello there! I'm Edwina, and welcome to my corner of the internet where I embark on a journey toward holistic well-being. With a passion for nurturing both a healthy body and mind, my blog is the place for those seeking a bit more balance and vibrance in their lives. I share stress mitigation tips, discuss the power of healthy eating to fuel and nourish the body from within, and delve into the realm of clean, natural skincare and beauty.  Join me in this wellness adventure, where we will prioritize self-care, celebrate the beauty of natural living, and strive for a healthier, happier life. Welcome aboard!



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