Adult Coloring as a hobby? Yes! Read this to find out why! (Part 1)

Does Adult Coloring Really Help? Read on to find out!



A lot of information has been shared about the benefits of adult coloring, and for good reason.  Although we all enjoyed the pastime of coloring when we were children, this creative activity is no longer just child’s play.


I have a lot of information to share about the good that coloring does for your well-being.   So, I am going to split this topic into a two-blog-post discussion.  I really want you to understand how coloring can serve you well in relieving tension in your body.


Today, entire families (yes, both children and adults alike) are using coloring as a means of coping better with some of the twists and turns of life.


Now coloring books have become highly sought-after tools to assist with stress reduction, insomnia, anxiety, and depression.


To help you understand this topic a bit more, let’s delve a bit deeper into the subject of the psychology of color and the possible health benefits of coloring.


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If you would prefer to view the first video that I created about the benefits of coloring, check it out here.





Before I discuss the benefits and psychology behind coloring, let me inform you that, as an adult, you do not have to settle for a coloring book that was only created for children.


There are several adult coloring books on the market that contain geometric designs and intricate patterns to satisfy the adult coloring palette.


While considering which coloring books/pages to add to your arsenal, check out the family-friendly coloring book that I’ve created that can be used by adults and children alike.


My coloring book is like no other because it contains images from various categories such as Home Décor, Spa Life, Self-Care, etc.


I carefully curated over 100 images that will specifically evoke feelings of calmness and serenity in you…even before you start coloring them!


There are several companies that manufacture coloring pencils that help you create beautiful works of art from your coloring pages.


The two companies that I recommend due to their vibrant colors and the way their pencils and markers glide across the pages are:


American Tombow USA – Tombow has a wonderful dual brush marker set that includes its own blending pen, which allows you to blend your colors like a real artistic professional!

Of course, Tombow stocks many other types of coloring pencils, pens and markers, but I really like their dual brush markers because they make it easier for me to create some pretty clever and ingenious works of art.


On the other hand, to really jazz up your coloring creations, Ooly has a set of 15 sparkling glitter markers that will add an innovative dimension to your artwork!

Ooly also has a 24-count pack of pastel-colored pencils which includes many shades of calming hues for your coloring pleasure.


Now that you know where to source your coloring supplies, let’s dive into how and why coloring is beneficial for you!





Whether or not we are consciously aware of this fact, color impacts the way we perceive experiences and events in our own individual lives.

When you understand this, you will have a better appreciation for how color psychology can be used to help you reduce stress and anxiety… and allow you to maximize its benefits in your life.


Colors and Our Emotions


Although little research has been done on how colors affect our psyche, it is hard to dispute that your own experiences shape how certain colors affect your mood.

Here’s one of my real-life examples:  I personally prefer vibrant colors over dull colors because vibrant colors make me feel more lighthearted and free .

So, when I changed the colors on the walls of my kitchen from a dull beige to a bright, perky yellow, not only did I feel more upbeat when I walked into my kitchen, but I also had a friend of mine tell me how the new color of my kitchen made her “feel like dancing”!

Here’s another example:  If you purposely choose to wear brightly-hued clothing all the time, chances are, you’re the type of person who just naturally has a cheerful, upbeat personality.

And now consider this last scenario:  Think about the difference in the mind of a child who grew up surrounded by beautifully manicured, lush green lawns with lots of colorful flowers vs. a child who grew up in a neighborhood that only had cement-paved sidewalks, no grass, and no flowers.

Chances are the child who grew up seeing the pretty colors of nature, on a daily basis, may have experienced a more relaxed and peaceful existence vs. the child who did NOT grow up surrounded by the beauty of nature

In either scenario, color and beauty would have certainly had an impact on that child’s mood, personality, and life in one way or another. (1)


The Use of Color in Marketing


Did you know that businesses extensively use the psychology of color in their marketing tactics?  Absolutely, they do.

The next time you see an advertisement in a newspaper circular or a magazine ad, take note of how the color green is  used to promote sales of their products.

Lots of times you will see green dollar signs alongside the price of their products.  You may even see small drawings of green dollar bills to convey “savings” or “sales” of their merchandise.

Some corporations make use of the color blue in their advertising and marketing materials.  The color blue is equated with trustworthiness and professionalism, which are characteristics that customers always look for when deciding on with whom they choose to do business.

Think about how several social media companies create their icons using the color blue to attract readers to their platforms.

These companies are trying to convey to their potential customers that their platforms are safe and secure for their visitors and end-users.


Colors that evoke peace and calmness


Have you ever noticed the colors that are used by companies that are trying to sell products which bring a sense of tranquility to our lives?

Soft colors are usually employed by day spas and other companies that sell soothing products in the marketplace.

The most commonly used calming colors are light blue, pale green, and soft pink.  In fact, many office settings use variations of soft green or blue to create an atmosphere of calmness and serenity to help their employees focus better and perform at optimum levels.

These aforementioned colors are also suitable hues for bedrooms because it helps create a more relaxed atmosphere for a good night’s sleep.


Summary of the Psychology of Color


Now that you understand how colors can affect your feelings and moods, you can use this understanding in several ways to benefit your life.

You can alter your wardrobes to include more vibrant colors to help embrace a more cheerful outlook on life.

You can make your home feel more lighthearted by adding several pops of bright colors to your decor.

You can also keep a few coloring books lying around to use when you need a mood boost.

Now that I’ve set the stage on how colors impact our daily lives, read my next blog post for a deeper dive into how the act of coloring can help to enhance your mental well-being.


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