About Me

Hello, my wellness folks!  My name is Edwina Wright, founder of CleanAndPureLife.com.

Whenever there is a discussion about health and wellness happening in my presence, I always enjoy chiming in to either ask questions or share my knowledge on the subject.  I have two bachelor’s degrees, one in marketing and one in entrepreneurship.  I am not a licensed medical professional.  However, my interest and knowledge of self-care and natural living developed organically over time.

It all started when I began making and selling glycerine soaps back in 2007, launching with only two scents from a soap-making kit.  When I decided to expand my offerings, I researched the topic of scenting soaps.  That is when I discovered that there is a stark difference between fragrance oils (100% chemicals) vs. essential oils (100% plant-based).

Further research revealed that whatever we apply to our skin is absorbed into our blood streams within 40 seconds or less!  Well, I did not want to sell toxic personal care products to my customers.  That is when I decided to only use pure essential oils to manufacture my glycerine soaps.  In 2010, I launched a full line of natural body products called Clenapure.

First, Natural Skin Care

That’s me to the left selling my Clenapure Plant-Based Body Products at a local health food store.  I really enjoyed educating my customers on the health benefits of using botanical skin care products vs. those laden with harmful chemicals.  Soon, our discussions expanded beyond just talks about non-toxic skin care to my giving tips on using essential oils, the benefits of certain herbs, and overall natural living.

Next, Overall Health and Wellness

Over time, I’ve invested hundreds of hours of reading and researching various topics about health and wellness.  It’s easy for me to do because I absolutely enjoy learning and sharing about living a stronger, healthier life.  Part of my research grew out of a necessity for me to learn how to get a handle on stress due to the negative impact that stress was having on my body.  My research provided such great information that I created an online course called Natural, No-Fluff Stress Relief.

Now, I want to share with you how making even small healthy change in your diet, in the personal care products that you use, in the removal of toxic products from your home, in how to handle stress before stress handles you…can have a positive impact on your overall health.  This is why I launched this blog, CleanAndPureLife.com.  Read on!  You will learn lots of good things that can possibly do your body good!

Here’s to your  health!



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