My name is Edwina from CleanAndPureLife.com and I’ve put together some great suggestions to help you live a more toxic-free lifestyle.  Let me tell you how it all came to be.


I developed an affinity for all things natural after purchasing a couple bars of hand-made glycerin soaps from a vendor at a women’s health expo.  I really liked the fresh, crisp scents of the soaps and how clean they seemed to rinse from my skin.


After completely using the soaps I tried to locate the vendor to purchase more, to no avail.  So I started making my own bars of glycerin soaps with a kit that contained everything I needed…soap molds, the soap base, and the fragrance oils.  Shortly afterwards, I began selling my new soapy wares to family and friends via home parties and at local bazaars.



Well, I grew very fond of making bath and body products. So I trademarked the name Clenapure and brought to market more bath and body products such as body lotions, body washes, body oils, body scrubs and bath salts.  As such, I wanted to offer a variety of scents of each product.  That’s when I began searching the internet on how to scent body products.  And wow!  Was I ever surprised when I discovered that there is a stark difference between plant-based essential oils vs. chemically-based fragrance oils!



Further research revealed that our skin is not only our body’s largest organ, but that it is also highly absorbent. This means that whatever we apply to our skin is quickly absorbed directly into our blood streams!




Well this was also an eye-opening revelation for me.  That’s when I made a conscientious decision to only use plant-based ingredients to manufacture my body products.  After all, I only wanted to provide my customers with wholesome, “good for you” products, especially since I had graduated from selling my products via home parties to selling them at local health food stores and at several locations of a major grocery food store chain.



Over the years my library expaded as my interests in the topics of health and wellness expanded.  In addition to reading books about ingredients used for making non-toxic beauty products, I began reading books about natural stress relief, plant-based nutrition, safe usage of essential oils, decluttering and other topics that help decrease the toxins in our lives. 



Even during the times when I was doing in-store demos of my Clenapure products, I found myself sharing tips and educating my customers about the benefits of adapting a more plant-based lifestyle.  I’ve also shared my knowledge via interviews on local news channels, as a panelist at women’s events, and via my own Facebook Live discussions as well.  I can’t help it!  I really enjoy learning and sharing about health and wellness, which is the exact reason why I started this blog and named it Clean and Pure Life….because what we put ON our bodies is equally as important as what we put IN our bodies.


So, again, WELCOME ABOARD!  If you enjoy living a holistic life, you’ve come to the right place to learn…..and share!  I would love to hear your take the subject as well!