Well, hello there!

My name is Edwina and I have a love for all things natural.  Actually, I stumbled upon this affinity a few years ago after purchasing a couple bars of hand-made glycerin soaps from a vendor at a women’s health expo.  I really liked the fresh, crisp scents of the soaps and how clean they seemed to rinse from my skin.

After using the soaps up I tried to locate the vendor to purchase more, to no avail.  That’s when I purchased a soap-making kit from a craft store so that I could make my own bars of glycerin soaps.  This kit contained everything I needed…soap molds, the soap base, and the fragrance oils.

Shortly afterwards, I began selling my new soapy wares to family, friends, via home parties, and at local bazaars.  On a quest to expand the varieties of my soap offerings, I began searching the internet on ways scent soaps.  That is when I discovered that there is a stark difference between plant-based “essential oils”, vs. chemically-based “fragrance oils”.

Further research revealed that our skin is not only our body’s largest organ, but that it is also highly absorbent.  This means that whatever we apply to our skin is quickly absorbed directly into our blood streams!  Wow!

At that moment, I made a conscious decision to only use plant-based “essential oils” to scent my soaps.  After all, I did not want to be responsible for selling toxic personal care products to my customers.

Over the years my curiosity and research about the ingredients that are used to manufacture skin care products increased more and more.

I began poring over the shelves of the Natural Living sections of bookstores and purchased a myriad of books on the subject of making natural skin care products…. and, overall, adapting a wellness-centered lifestyle.

Today I have a full library of books on topics such as creating spa-like body products, the benefits of specific ingredients on the skin, hair, and body, essential oils, healthy eating, the benefits of specific herbs, etc.

I just love learning about, and sharing tips on health and wellness….which is the exact reason why I started this blog and named it the Clean and Pure Life.

My interests in health and wellness also include the types of ingredients used to make the cleaners we use in our homes, proper nutrition, what we put IN our bodies as well as what we put ON our bodies, various herbal remedies we can adapt to lessen the burden of chemically-based treatments on our bodies, and the benefits of essential oils, etc.

If you enjoy living a holistic life, you’ve come to the right place to learn…..and share!  I would love to hear your take the subject as well!

Oh!  One more thing!  Just like many women, I absolutely love spa treatments!  Did I tell you that I love spa treatments?  : )

Whether enjoying my spa-at-home moments, or receiving a relaxing massage at a luxury spa, I realize the importance of occasionally disconnecting from the daily grind of life to simply……be.

That’s when I make use of natural resources (think, essential oils, organic herbs, a hearty garden salad, etc.) to create a serene oasis and unwind.

Of course, I am always conscientious of the quality of ingredients used to make the skin care products that I consume, to ensure that I am not creating a more toxic environment from within.

As such, I am also the Founder/President of Clenapure, my own line of luxury botanical skin care products that I make using nutrient-rich and exotic plant-based ingredients that nurture and nourish your skin.

So, WELCOME ABOARD!  Come on and join me in living the Clean and Pure Life. I’m so happy to have you here!